Christopher Moryl

Over a decade of experience in creative media development and corporate marketing design & research.

Christopher Moryl has compiled a diverse body of work, ranging from video game development, corporate branding to online marketing and creative direction for some of the world’s best titles and brands.

My Story

 From a very young age I found that I had a passion for the arts. I found myself drawing everything around and realized early on that design would be a major focus in the future. Growing up with a love of art and seeing the possibilities with integrating technology in design, I sought to learn animation and 3D design.

In college, I not only learned animation, but also discovered that the online world was only starting out with basic design elements. This prompted me to study web development, seeing that online media would quickly need more interactive and creative input.

I graduated with a B.S. degree in 3D animation, which launched me into a career in the video game industry, first working on game design and development. Developing games for Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Sony Playstation, as well as PC platforms. I then transitioned to branding and strategic game marketing, where I developed online and print campaigns as well as designed packaging for games.

I have since transitioned to corporate marketing, working first with Samsung Electronics, then with Transperfect, a language technology leader, to develop branding and marketing initiatives for different divisions as the Creative Director.

Early on in my career, I realized that knowing programming would enhance his design abilities and he sought to master not only the design aspect of projects, but also the back-end. Not only has this has allowed me to quickly troubleshoot design projects, but it also gave me better insight on how to integrate graphic elements with different technology platforms.

Over the years, I have worked on various marketing campaigns, from developing websites, product packaging, trade show booth design, to print advertising. I have created presentations and sales collateral for business development purposes and for corporate client presentations.